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Mr. Mohammad Sajid Awan, a renown, and highly reputed social and political worker were born in 1970 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. He belonged to a well educated and socially reputed family. He got educated from the same city and started his political and social activities during the college time. ┬áHe used to actively participate in students’ politics. He was a member of the Blood Donor Organization of the College and was also an active member of the Red Crescent Society. Furthermore, he represented his college at the provincial level for several sports’ events e.g. squash & long tennis competitions.

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He started his practical career in social work in 1990 and formed a welfare organization named SAVERS which was focused on health, blood donations, free medical treatment and free distribution of medicine to the needy. He was the pioneer in initiating social and volunteer work in Abbottabad.

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He started Hazara Flood Relief Operation in 1992 after the historic floods in Hazara Division. It was a huge humanitarian operation and the needy were provided with huge assistance in terms of both quality and quantity. This was the real turning point in his life from where he wholeheartedly initiated serving humanity in an organized pattern. Since then, people know him as a social activist. He was highly appreciated by the public, media, administration and other stakeholders which made him more motivated to be involved in helpful social endeavors. He was also involved in assisting known politicians / humanitarian figures and remained closely involved in joint social ventures with them.

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From 1992 till 1996, he was heavily involved in promoting human rights and helping out the poorest of the poor. This also made him bring a social revolution and he actively took part in General Elections for Provincial Assembly in 1996 as an independent candidate.

He joined the Community Social Welfare Council (CSWC) in 1995. Mrs. Farhat Meraj (late) was an inspiration for him. She was serving as District Social Welfare Officer in early 90s and motivated him to be involved in CSWC. After joining CSWC, Mr. Awan gained extraordinary experience in social work. He was practically involved with almost all the social stakeholders of the province.

Mr. Sajid Awan served the SDDF wing of CSWC for almost two years and later in 1997, he led SDDF as a Chairman and gave it a separate identity and registration as an NGO. He is the Chairman of the Sohni Dharti Development Foundation since then and has initiated several self and donor-funded humanitarian projects.

During his social and political career, he was involved in national and international seminars, training workshops and other advocacy events. He remained active member/leader of several other social and welfare bodies. He is given several prizes, certificates, awards, medals, etc. by national and international entities.

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  • Honorary Chairman, Abbottabad Orphanage, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • Honorary Chairman, Abbottabad Orphanage, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • General Secretary, National Peace Committee for Inter-faith Harmony, Government of Pakistan.
  • Member Executive Council, Sarhad NGO Ittihad (SNI), NWFP, Pakistan.
  • Member, District NGOs Forum, District Administration, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • Member, Advisory Board, Sukoon, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • Member Sukoon Club.
  • Member, District Social Welfare Coordination Council, Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • Member, Communication for Effective Social Services Dilevery (CESSD), Abbottabad, Pakistan.
  • President, Shimlians Old Boys Association, Pakistan.

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  • 1988-89 – Best Boy of Government Postgraduate College Abbottabad.
  • 1988-89 – Best Social Worker of Government Postgraduate College Abbottabad.
  • 1990 – Best Blood Donor Certificate by Blood Donors Organization, Government Postgraduate College, Abbottabad.
  • 1993 – Sanad Class III by Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Presented by Governor NWFP.
  • 1993 – Role of Honor awarded by Orush Artist & Welfare Society for Flood Relief.
  • 1994 – Best Participant Award by Helpers Welfare Organization Abbottabad.
  • 1994 – Certificate of Merit by Saver Welfare Organization Pakistan.
  • 1994 – Letter of Thanks by the Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina for donations to the people of Bosnia.
  • 1995 – Silver Medal for social welfare work presented by President of Pakistan on behalf of Pakistan Social Association.
  • 1996 – Best Social Worker Award by Shimlians Old Boys Association Abbottabad.
  • 1996 – Certificate of Distinguished Participation by Cowater International.
  • 1997 – Awarded shield for the Best Social Worker by Social Welfare Officer, Government of NWFP, Pakistan.
  • 1997 – Best Social Worker Certificate by Community Social Welfare Council, Abbottabad.
  • 1997 – Common Wealth Youth Program Asia Award for Excellence in Youth Work, presented in Sri Lanka.
  • 1998 – Best Social Worker Certificate by Savers Welfare Organization.
  • 2000 – Best Performance Award in Community Development by Sohni Dharti Development Foundation.
  • 2001 – Shield from District Table Tennis Association awarded in 41th National Table Tennis Championship Abbottabad.
  • 2002 – Shild from Daily Nawa-e-Waqt Rawalpindi awarded in All Pakistan Nawa-e-Waqt Tournament.
  • 2003 – Hameed Nizami Award (Daily Nawa-e-Waqt) Presented by Chief Minister, NWFP, Pakistan.
  • 2003 – Best Performance Award for Birth Registration Program presented by former President of Pakistan.
  • 2004 – Gold Medal Excellency in Social Work from Hazara Arts Council.
  • 2005 – Social Work Award by Naveed-e-Sahar Arts and Welfare Society, Abbottabad.
  • 2006 – Education Award by Non-Formal Basic Education Schools Project, Government of NWFP, Pakistan.
  • 2006 – Best Social Work Performance Award by Anjuman Ittihad-e-Shahrian, Abbottabad.
  • 2007 – Award of Social Work presented by Hazara Cultural Forum.
  • 2007 – Social Workers Award for Best Performance by John Media Productions, Abbottabad.

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